How To Sell My Note

If You need to sell your real estate note to raise some quick cash, here are a list of items you will need to gather.

Items Needed to Sell Your Note.

  • The Original Signed Note
  • The Security Instruments
    • Mortgage
    • or Trust Deed
  • The Original Sales Agreements
  • The New Sales agreement
  • A copy of the promissory note payers credit score.
  • Contact details of the payer
  • Lenders Title Insurance

How Do We Evaluate Your Real Estate Promissory Note?

A good promissory note with have thee following features:

  1. At least 20% down payments
  2. The Property will not be in a high crime area
  3. The payer will have a steady income and be able to provide proof of Income.
  4. The note payer should have a credit score better than 650
  5. The Promissory Note Should have a Interest rate of 7% of higher.
  6. The Terms of the loan should be no more than 60 months.
    1. Loans greater than 60 months will incur a deeper discount
  7. The Paper work should be in good order, ideally prepared by an attorney or Title Company.
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